The Crimes of Clearwell Castle

A string of murders, an ancient curse and a castle full of secrets.

England, 1926. When esteemed detective Lord Edgington and his novice grandson Christopher plan a trip to the beautiful Forest of Dean, they hope for nothing more than a relaxing weekend with old friends. What they discover among the dark halls and secret passageways of Clearwell Castle is a centuries-old injustice and a rivalry that has ripped the area apart.

After two apparently unconnected villagers are murdered, Lord Edgington must pick the killer from a parade of cheery locals, cagey aristocrats and their sworn rivals. The only certainty is that every last suspect has something to hide. With talk of a ghost walking the castle and a curse that goes back generations, it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary murder investigation.

Lord Edgington’s most thrilling and unusual mystery yet is packed with gothic intrigue and a labyrinthine plot that will keep you guessing until the final chapter. “The Crimes of Clearwell Castle” is an Agatha-Christie-style whodunit with a cast of unique characters and a loyal golden retriever along for the ride. Will the beloved detectives solve the case before there’s anyone left in the village to bump off? Or will you spot the killer before they do?


Available in e-book, Kindle Unlimited, paperback and hardback.

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