Blood on the Banisters

At a luxurious country wedding, the mother of the bride is found murdered and the groom caught red-handed, but who is really to blame?

When the Duchess of Hinwick is found dead on her daughter’s wedding day, renowned sleuth Lord Edgington must prove his grandson’s innocence by discovering the real killer’s plot.

As he unravels the mystery of the murdered aristocrat, it becomes clear that even her own family are happy to see the back of her. With the bride’s ex-fiancé, a suspicious butler, and a plethora of plotting relatives among the suspects, how will the famous detective find the truth when just about everyone wanted the duplicitous woman dead?

A fast, funny and fabulous 1920s whodunnit filled with countless twists and surprises. “Blood on the Banisters” is an Agatha-Christie-style mystery with a cast of brilliant characters that will have you racing to the final chapter. Even if Lord Edgington can save the groom, will they get to the church on time or die trying?

Each book in the bestselling “Lord Edgington Investigates” mystery series can be read as a standalone case.


Available in e-book, Kindle Unlimited, paperback and hardback.

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