Death on a Summer’s Day

A majestic road trip across England, filled with stunning landscapes, incredible sights and the odd dead body along the way.

Lord Edgington and his grandson (along with a surprising number of servants) are going on a summer holiday. Setting off in their convoy of luxury cars, there are wonders to behold and mysteries to uncover. But when they arrive at the Lake District for a reunion with old friends, a tragedy from decades earlier hangs over the dilapidated Chandos Grove estate. After a member of the party is murdered, it will take the legendary investigator’s every last wit to catch the killer and solve a mystery that has haunted him for fifty years.

“Death on a Summer’s Day” is another funny and fast-moving 1920s murder mystery full of quirky characters and twisting plots. An Agatha Christie-style whodunnit featuring a dash of Downton Abbey and a detective duo with heart and humour, the third book in the “Lord Edgington Investigates…” series will charm and surprise you from the very first page.


Available in e-book, audiobook, Kindle Unlimited, paperback and hardback.

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